The Prospect Hill Bushland Group is a group of landowners and residents dedicated to the regeneration and preservation of native remnant bushland near Prospect Hill and the Bull Creek Range on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia.

Our group's aim is to restore and sustain and the condition and health of the bushland across all participating properties to enable viable populations of native plants and animals to persist and thrive in the broader landscape.

We recognise that:

- by the removal or control of threats (i.e. pests, weeds, diseases) and restoration of natural ecological processes, management effort will reduce with time

- the long term survival of many species (fauna and flora) cannot be achieved on any one property but relies on suitable habitat being managed across the broader landscape involving the coordinated effort of landowners

- our efforts contribute to the objectives of regional conservation programs such as NatureLinks (DEH)

- through our efforts to protect and manage habitat for flora and fauna, we are providing valuable ecosystem services to the broader community such as watershed protection, clean water and carbon sequestration.

This website is intended as an information, communication and reference resource for the group.